SOLIDarity Cycling is currently looking for brand ambassadors.  The main two requirements to become an ambassador are that you love to ride your bike and that you want to be involved in the community while getting more girls/women on bikes.  Ambassadors will not be chosen based on skill level.  ALL skill levels are highly encouraged to apply.  Our ambassadors must also be active on social media, primarily Instagram plus others.  


Rad perks of being a SOLIDarity Cycling ambassador, Depending on level:  


  • Discounts on apparel,
  • Race Entry Fees Paid
  • FREE Photographing
  • Local Events
  • Many others


We will base your level of ambassadorship on your social media following, but also your engagement, passion for cycling, passion for getting more women and girls on bikes, community involvement, photography and video skills.


Bike skills are great, but passion for cycling supersedes all. You don’t have to ride or even race everyday. But when you do ride or race, you do it with gusto, always wanting to improve your skills and those around you.


Type or cost of your bike plays no role at all.


Authenticity and real women are our primary focus. Not necessarily those who are always on the podium at the races. We love it if you race, but we’d rather see you encourage others to race.